School Presentations

Dr. Tang Shows It’s Never Too Early to Start Taking Care of Your Teeth

It’s great when schools provide assembly programs that are not only fun but actually, teach our children important life skills. Dr. Keith Tang, a family dentist in the Irvine area, has visited preschools and elementary schools to help kids learn and establish healthy dental habits at an early age.

“How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy” reviewed healthy eating, how to properly brush with Doogan the Dog, why it is important to see your dentist for checkups at least twice a year, and much more.

Doogan (a puppet), large-scale tooth models, PowerPoint presentations, and even a pretend “sugar bug” all helped keep the attention of his student audience. Dr. Tang kept his presentation moving, engaging children along the way so that they learn while having fun. Judging by the letters from the children and comments from parents, students found the presentation very entertaining and they remembered the valuable lessons that Dr. Tang taught them.

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