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As a Family and Cosmetic Dental Office, we provide a full spectrum of dental services including:

Whether you need a lot of dental treatment or are just looking to keep your teeth healthy, we can help.

With over 30 years of experience as a dentist, Dr. Tang has seen a wide variety of patients and dedicated his life to helping people improve their dental health.  The dental care system he developed, prioritizes dental needs to treat and eliminate dental disease and shows his patients how to maintain good dental health so that they can have “Healthy Teeth and Gums for Life!”

To provide you the best dental care that is available and keep up on the latest in advancements in dentistry, Dr Tang attends multiple hours of continuing educations each year, carefully researching out each equipment purchase, dental materials used in your treatment, and laboratories that he uses to make crowns, appliances or other restorations.   Free feel to ask Dr. Tang what’s new in his office or new in dentistry at your next visit.

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