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If you are missing one or more teeth and having difficulty enjoying your favorite foods, we can help. Dental implants are the state of the art way to replace your missing teeth. Think of a dental implant as a titanium tooth root on which we can build a tooth replacement. The completed restoration is comprised of 3 parts: Implant Fixture, Abutment and Crown.

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Typically dentures wears are not able to eat many foods because their removable appliances move around as their dentures sit on top of their gums. They have difficulty eating health foods like fruits and vegetables, some meats, and stick or chewy foods. This is because most dentures can only exert about 75 lbs. of pressure whereas natural teeth can produce about 500 lbs. of pressure. Also dentures put abnormal forces on the gums and bone where the teeth used to be which may cause the bone to shrink and dissolve over time.

Dr. Tang has completed a series of courses on dental implants to offer his patients this remarkable service. From missing anterior teeth which show in your smile to posterior teeth needed to grind up your food into small pieces, implants have become the most recommended tooth replacement treatment.

Beware of low price implant advertisements. There is much research, treatment planning, and material costs included in the price of this dental service. At low cost clinics, they simply cannot afford to use the name brand implants, utilize the best materials, take the time to plan the case thoroughly, or use good quality laboratories to make the implants. I have had multiple patients who have been enticed to try these “bargains” only to have a bad experience with dental implants.

Dr. Tang places Biohorizon implants because they have long-term documented success rates that are above the industry average. He does not mix parts from different companies or use generic or foreign implant parts. He has also been trained to use a process called Guided Implant Surgery. This process involves taking a 3-D x-ray (CBCT), digital impression of the teeth, and merging these files together to plan the implant surgery virtually in 3-D on a computer.

Then a surgical guide is made which controls the depth, angle, and position of all the drills needed to place the implant. The final result is that Dr. Tang has precise control of where the implant is inserted. The photos shown for this case are from an implant placed by Dr. Tang on a family member.


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