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What is DEXIS CariVu?
The DEXIS CariVu uses near-infrared transillumination technology to detect caries, cracks, and fractures with no radiation. While this technology doesn’t replace x-rays or a clinical exam, it provides Dr. Tang more information which will help him to make an accurate diagnosis of a tooth requiring dental treatment. It’s a great alternative for children, pregnant women, medically compromised patients, or any patient who are X-ray averse.

How Does CariVu Work?
CariVu uses a patented transillumination wand that when place on a tooth, makes enamel appear transparent. This allows Dr. Tang to see through the tooth surface. Because porous lesions, cracks, fractures, or dental restorations are not optically connected to the tooth and will not transmit the light. Therefore, a dark area will show visually, giving Dr. Tang a measure of the size, position, and severity of the dental issue

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