Conebeam CT

Conebeam CT

Chosen as one of the America’s Best Dentists with a dental office located in Irvine, CA, Dr. Tang consistently invests in new technology. After much research and planning, he purchased a Conebeam CT machine. This ultra low dose X-ray machine produces image slices that can be reconstructed to form a 3-dimensional model. This technology improves diagnosis, treatment planning, communication of dental issues, and decision making by providing information about bone, teeth, soft tissue, and other structures which cannot be seen on a standard 2D x-ray.

Dr. Tang also uses 3D Cone-beam CT to make surgical guides used to treatment plan and precisely place implants in a patient’s mouth. Using a 3-D Conebeam CT X-ray and merging an iTero intraoral digital scan with special software, he can 3-D print the surgical guide right in his office.

We have even received requests from other dentist's patients to have a CT taken in our office and burned to a CD with a viewer to help with their treatment plan.

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