Social Media Testimonials

I first started to see Dr. Tang about three years ago. To be honest, I was bad about going to the dentist because I had a lot of dental work done as a child and hated every minute of it.   Even the sounds of drills would make me nervous.   After years of not going to the dentist, I decided to finally be brave and see one hoping that I would not be judged on my lack of dental hygiene.

A. Hickey
As a person who is absolutely terrified of the dentist with extremely high levels of anxiety, let me tell you, Dr. Tang and his staff have accommodated me and have gone out of their way to make every visit of mine comfortable and relaxing in their clean, state of the art facility.  Dr. Tang is a very patient, understanding, honest and gentle doctor, not to mention, an expert when it comes to any teeth procedure.  He and his very competent and friendly team have taken excellent care of me and my family.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone.

E. Kechichian   
Dr. Tang has been my dentist for 17+ years (previously in Yorba Linda, now in Irvine).  Dr. Tang is very conscientious–he still does the cleanings on patients and is the only dentist I have ever had who makes a point to show proper brushing techniques.  He takes the time to answer all my questions, explaining what he is doing and why, for myself and my kids.  I never feel “rushed” out of the office.   My husband also had Invisalign done through Dr. Tang and was happy with the results.

L. Yang
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I found you.   I never really liked going to the dentist as a child and did not want Ethan (my 5-year son) to have the same feelings.  You are so gentle, straight forward and funny.  Ethan actually enjoys going to his appointments.  All of my friends with 5-year-olds HATE to take their kids to the dentist… they are scared because their dentists aren’t very good with children.  Thank you, Dr. Tang, for being so cool that Ethan loves to visit with you.

L. Fison

 I am so thankful to have such a caring dentist like Dr.Tang.   He has made our dental experiences very pleasant and I have recommended him numerous times to people searching for a dentist.   I’m really impressed by how he follows up his procedures with phone calls to our home – it’s just like him to go the extra mile for his patients.  Also because he practices “preventive” dental care I feel like I know how to best take care of my teeth on a routine basis.   I am glad to have found a great dentist!!”

L. Lum
We are so happy to have a dentist our entire family can use.   Thanks for personalizing your care to address our young childrens’ needs.   From the first visit, you let them know what to expect and explained your work in terms they could understand (like “sleepy juice”)   Now, they have no fears getting their teeth cleaned.   In fact, they even include you in their make-believe play at home.   As parents, we couldn’t ask for more.   We really do appreciate you!   In your work, you truly seek to serve your patients and I see His love in your manner of care.   
H. Chang
Dr. Tang has been my dentist for the past 8 years or so.   I have a long history with him.   I have always been treated courteously and professionally by Dr. Tang and his staff.   I have had x-rays, cleaning, fillings, and crowns done by Dr. Tang. I am proud to announce that it has been 2+ years since I have had any dental work done at all.  This is a testimony to the good dental care that I have been provided by Dr. Tang.  I fully expect that this will continue.   My entire family receives all their dental care at his office.  His office accepts my PPO insurance plan.   I highly recommend Dr. Tang for everyone.

P. Okada
I’ve never had a dentist who has been so honest and thorough with my dental health.   At my initial visit, Dr. Tang warned me about the potential of gum disease at my current condition.   Dr. Tang explained to me the importance of daily flossing and the proper way to brush.  My teeth and gums are now healthier due to my improved dental hygiene habits, thanks to Dr. Tang’s advice and suggestions.

S.  Liao
I has always had a great fear of injections, and I felt the need to express my thanks to you for your patience, concern, and gentleness.   I also wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into all my treatment.   I appreciate that you really listen and discuss all my treatment options with me,  helping me to make decisions.   I really enjoy taking my whole family to your office.

P.  Galindo